Frequently Asked Questions
What is a Ground Fault Interrupter?


According to the National Electrical Code, in all kitchens, bathrooms, garages, or any area in which water may be present, instead of regular receptacles, GFI (Ground Fault Interrupter) receptacles should be used. These are for your safety.

The idea of a GFI receptacle is that if there is the slightest electrical problem with anything plugged into it, the ground-fault interrupter will immediately shut off the power. This is a great safety feature, and once you unplug the electrical device that caused the problem, you can press the "Reset" button on the GFI to restore power.

When you lose power to a receptacle in a kitchen, bathroom, garage, & outdoor area, check to see if it's a ground-fault interrupter receptacle. If so, press the "TEST" button, then press the "RESET" button.

Sometimes, you may have a receptacle that is located in a kitchen, bathroom, garage, or outdoor area, which has no power, which is not a ground-fault interrupter. However, even though it looks like a regular receptacle, it can still be "protected" by another GFI that has tripped off somewhere else. The only way to check for this is to go into your kitchen, bathroom, garage, and outdoor areas to make sure all the GFI's are working properly.